Dads on Mowers

Father’s Day Special – Dads on Mowers

Game Master: Banana Chan

Players: Doug Shute, Tim Devine, Doug Levandowski, Kent Blue

Happy Father’s Day 2018! For the occasion, I gathered up some of my gaming dad pals to play a game about dads!

We have Dads on Mowers, an adventure prompt from Kids on Bikes by Doug Levandowski and Jon Gilmour. Our game master this time around is none other than the author of the prompt, Banana Chan!

Join our dads as they head off to Dadchella for a good time.

Our dads are myself, Doug Shute, Tim Devine and Doug Levandowski.



Theme Music:"Intro by Tri-Tachyon"



Additonal music:

"Happy Happy Game Show" Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License