The Mummy's Curse: Episode 3


Game Master: Doug Levandowski

Players:Kent Blue,Morgan Nuncio,Clio Yun-su Davis, and Tim Devine


The year is 1890. The place, Boston. An evil force continues to seep into our world, corrupting and conquering all who touch it. Our four brave adventurers foiled its mysterious plans and brought Jack the Ripper to justice. But can they succeed again? Can they keep this force from holding illimitable dominion over all? Find they face The Red Death. The Red Death is a Gothic Horror D&D actual play podcast using the Ravenloft campaign setting Masque of the Red Death.


Kent: James Wilcox

Morgan: Ygnacia Del Rio

Clio: Agnes Han

Tim: Sawyer/ Red Finn


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Music and Ambience

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"Chase Pulse Faster" by Kevin MacLeod (

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"Spirit of the Girl" by Kevin MacLeod (

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