The year is 1890. The place, Boston. An evil force, The Red Death, has seeped into our world, corrupting and conquering all those who touch it. Now, four adventurers have banded together. Can they keep The Red Death from holding total dominion over all? 

Doug Levandowski  as Our Game Master

Doug (He/Him) is a husband, father, and high school teacher who designs games for fun (and occasionally profit). This is is first time GMing for an actual play podcast. 


This game has been a DREAM to GM! I'd played only one game with only two of the players before our first game as a group, but I've been so happy with the way they've come together as players. The twists and turns that have come their way have been a blast to set up, and I'm looking forward to quite a few more before the end of the final arc!

Morgan Nuncio as Ygnacia Del Rio

Morgan (She/They) is a queer woman of color who is enthusiastic about all things tabletops and larps. She works diligently to support and care for fellow designers of color to have a seat at the ttrpg table.


In the Red Death campaign, she plays Ygnacia Del Rio (She/Her), a curandera (folk healer) from South Texas. She came to Boston for mysterious reasons, and currently works as a medical assistant to Dr. Han, Agnes' father. She's the caring, perceptive magical member of this rag-tag group of adventurers.


Clio Yun-Su Davis as Agnes Han

Clio (They/Them/She/Her) is a game designer and writer who creates larps, tabletop RPGs, and interactive fiction. Unlike Agnes, there is no bump in the night that they will not blame on ghosts.


Agnes Han (She/Her) has recently graduated from Boston University with a degree in History, though she spends much of her time debunking spirit mediums and charlatans. There is no haunting or supernatural phenomenon she cannot explain away with logic and science. 

Kent Blue as James Wilcox

Kent (he/him) is a father, husband, gamer, and podcast host. He started Roll To Play Podcast in September of 2017 as a way to get himself to finally play all the RPG books he had purchased over the years.


James Wilcox (He/Him) is a hard working brick layer in Boston. His skill and excellent work ethic have him in high demand which is just the way James likes it. He has big dreams of buying a horse farm in Kentucky and raising racing horses with the love of his life, Monty.

Tim Devine as Sawyer ("Red Finn")
Tim (He/Him) is a husband, father, ally, game designer, writer and storyteller. He is a proud member of the Roll to Play Podcast Network and one half of Dice Up Games, where Tim & Kristin play, hack and design storytelling games. 


Sawyer (He/Him), also known as Red Finn, left his dark past behind him, when arriving in Boston to find that his path would once again lead him into darkness. This time, however, the silver-tonged, gun-gunslinger isn't facing it alone. He and his new friends will face the darkness together and he's vowed to keep them safe.


Illustrations by Jess