The Roll to Play Podcast Network is a collection of tabletop gaming and storytelling podcasts. Our mission is to tell amazing stories and engage in the wonderful community of tabletop gamers. Here you will find actual plays, discussions and interviews with others in the community. Our network will grow through word of mouth so please subscribe, rate and review our shows to help spread the word! Now get out there, grab some dice, and Roll to Play!


Kent (he/him) is a father, husband, gamer, and podcast host. He started Roll To Play Podcast in September of 2017 as a way to get himself to finally play all the RPG books he had purchased over the years.


Kristin (she/her) is a mom, partner, gamer, designer, writer, podcast host, and one half of Dice Up Games. She loves gaming and wants it to be a safe place for all humans. 


Tim (He/Him) is a husband, father, ally, game designer, writer and storyteller. He is a proud member of the Roll to Play Podcast Network and one half of Dice Up Games, where Tim & Kristin play, hack and design storytelling games.